Wonderful, helpful people

I’m extremely thankful for Sherry and Gail at the driver’s license issuer…they were kind enough to take time and actually dig through records from 20 years ago for proof that I did take driver’s ed in high school. Thank you!! May they be blessed for their great attitudes and kindness. 🙂

Background Information:

I’ve been trying for 6 months to prove that I took the course but no one wanted to help me it seemed. It was a little harder since I took the course over 20 years ago, and my high school closed in ’89, so the records are who-knows-where. Sherry called Gail, Gail went up to the records dept and looked it up on the microfiche or SOMA machine (not sure what that is, and VOILA! Now I don’t have to pay $600.00 to take them again. YAY!!