Why You Might Need to Make Yourself Throw Up

No one likes to vomit. However, there are some situations when a person has to vomit to purge their system. Doing so can save your life, so it is important to know how to make yourself throw up, should the situation arise.

Before you force your self to purge, make sure you understand the health risks that could be involved. The more often of you vomit, the more likely these symptoms are to develop. Keep in mind, that safety should always be your number one priority.

Now, Let us discuss some times when force vomiting might be necessary. Typically this this will be the case when you follow a toxic substance, swallow a foreign object, or are feeling extremely nauseous.

Accidentally Swallowing Poison

If you swallow poison accidentally, then the only way to get rid of the hazardous effect of poison is to vomit. As soon as you realize you have swallowed something dangerous, immediately take action so you are not hurt. As soon as your stomach starts to digest the substance, it will start taking effect. Do not let this happen. Even though it may be unpleasant, forcing yourself to vomit may be the only thing that can save your life. Inducing vomiting is necessary in this case.

Accidentally Swallowing a Foreign Object

Forcing vomiting might be necessary when you accidentally swallow a foreign object that could harm your digestive system. Normally the gag reflex will make it hard for objects to pass through our throats, but that does not mean it can happen. Sometimes the body will naturally reject these items, and will cause you to vomit, other times it won’t. If you swallowed something you should not have and it is not coming back up, then it may be necessary to induct vomiting. It is either that or getting your stomach pumped at the hospital.

Feeling Extremely Sick and Nauseous

Force vomiting can help a sick person who is feeling nauseous. Sometimes the feeling of nauseousness occurs without ever naturally leading to vomiting. This can be a very unpleasant feeling that persists for hours on end. You can help to trigger vomiting in these cases. Normally you will feel much better after doing so, and can relax and get some rest. A few situations when this may be necessary will be cases of food poisoning, and stomach flu.