Why some People Prefer Instant rather than Filtered Coffee

For coffee drinkers all over the world, there has been a debate “brewing” for years: which is better tasting, instant or filtered coffee? Some people cannot stand the thought of drinking a cup of instant coffee. There are some folks, however, who actually prefer instant over regular filtered brews for these reasons:

*Convenience. A good example of how instant coffee is convenient is when traveling. You can get coffee at most fuel stations, however not every hotel has in room coffee. Waking up without coffee is not an option for some people and so they bring their own instant coffee and simply add hot water from the tap. This is the same reason some campers will pack instant coffee. It is easier to boil water on a campfire and then add instant coffee crystals rather than try to brew filtered coffee. It is also convenient to bring instant coffee with you when you visit someone who does not drink coffee. 

*Not a full time coffee drinker. Some people enjoy a cup or two of coffee during the holidays or when certain guests visit their home. These people see no reason to invest in a coffee maker or cans of regular coffee. They may keep a jar of instant coffee in their cupboard or pantry for those special occasions. 

*Price. Instant coffee can be cheaper than regular coffee in many grocery stores. Especially in the current economy, people are pinching pennies wherever they can and for some, coffee is one of those ways. 

*No machine required. The ease of making a cup of instant coffee in less than five minutes appeals to some people. Some coffee makers can take up to fifteen minutes to brew a pot of regular coffee. Some people may not want to wait that long to get their caffeine fix. 

*Cooking. Some people use instant coffee in cake and roast beef recipes as well as sprinkling it on ice cream and even over fruit. Some recipes call for day old coffee, but if you do not have day old coffee then making a cup of instant is a great alternative!

*Flavor. Some people actually prefer the slightly bitter, stronger taste of instant to the smoother and milder flavor of regular filtered coffee.

There are many reasons why some people enjoy instant coffee over fresh brewed. It all comes down to personal preference and situations. Some people do not actually drink coffee unless they have certain visitors or perhaps at certain holidays, therefore they keep a jar of instant hidden in their pantry. Other people enjoy having one or two cups of coffee during the week so instead buying a coffee maker, they drink instant.