Vitamin D & Vitiligo

Vitamin D is known as a steroid vitamin, which is a group of fat soluble prohormones that encourages the absorption or metabolism of two nutritional factors calcium and phosphorous. Research has indicated that there is a strong linkage between a vitiligo and the nutritional factor, vitamin D importance in a body. Deficiency of vitamin D can be a cause of appearances of vitiligo or other skin disorders.

Human healthy skin contains vitamin D from nutritional balanced foods, or another way of the production of fat soluble vitamin D is through UVB treatment. Research shows that major source of vitamin D for human being is a natural source (sun light). In a general survey it is find out that approximately 90% of the vitamins D is come from this natural source. Thus sun light is essential to gain the vitamin D or in the absorption process of calcium and phosphorous.

Generally there are three forms of vitamins:

Vitamin D1: Vitamin D1 is essential for the development or growth of cells, bones, hormones regulations, teeth, nervous system etc.
Vitamin D2: Vitamin 2 is helpful in maintenance of calcium balance, to boost immune system, for blood regulations etc.
Vitamin D3: The most wanted or necessary vitamin for human body id vitamin D3. it helps to treat hypoglycemia bone disorders, cell cancers, or different skin conditions like psoriasis, vitiligo eczema etc.

Many disorders like auto-immune system increases in the deficiency of vitamin D, which can be a cause of appearance of white patches on skin (vitiligo). Due to the deficiency of vitamin D, skin loss his color (skin depigmentation).

Symptoms of vitiligo:

  • White spots or patches on skin.
  • Skin mucous membrane is affected due to vitiligo.
  • Retina of eye is affected.

The symptoms of vitiligo can be significantly improved by maintaining the adequate level of vitamin D.

Treatments to treat deficiency of vitamin D

1) Topical vitamin D3 Analogs
Topical applications like creams & lotions with vitamin D3, specifically calcipotriol is consider best to treat deficiency of vitamin D and to get recovery or cure from vitiligo. Further to fulfill the requirement of vitamin D in a body, patient should take 5,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D per day for 2–3 months.

2) Immune system Recovery

As describe above, auto immune system is one of the cause of appearances of vitiligo along with the deficit of vitamin d. Thus it is necessary to get treatment to recover the immune system, so that T-cells start fight against bacterial germs, (a person acquired from generic or surroundings) instead of each others.

3) Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment is used for centuries. The treatment gives much emphasis on taking balanced diet enriches with nutritional factors include vitamin D along with medicines. Many physicians in this treatment recommend using vitamin D supplements to treat vitiligo. Vitamin D supplements provide a good alternative source of vitamin D, but it is recommended to use these tablets after the advice of doctor.

4) PUVA Treatment

Photochemotherapy or PUVA is an acronym where “P” stands for “Psoralen” and “UVA” stands for long wavelength UV light, also known as a type of ultraviolet radiation treatment. PUVA treatment also helps to get recovery from vitiligo or to fulfill the vitamin D deficiency. Before the treatment, physician recommends to patient to take psoralen tablet, as it helps to increase the skin sensitivity of patient’s in order to face the light.