The Importance of Beer in American Society

At first thought, one would say that beer is just an alcoholic beverage. Beer is much more than just a beverage, it is an open doorway to endless societal avenues. It’s hard to imagine hearing two co-workers discuss going out after work for ice cream, because an after work beer has become the norm. Beer is that thing that you were prohibited from having until the grand old age of 21 and after that, and often before, one discovers the social power of beer.

When there is a party, beer is often served…so often that almost everyone knows the term BYOB. Being an alcoholic beverage, beer can often lessen ones inhibitions, which usually results in more open communication, and almost always laughter. Talking over a beer often leads to a few more beers and with each cold and frothy sip, the conversation tends to become more in depth, funnier, or even more crude than would normally occur if ones inhibitions were not being held back with each refreshing sip. Since this behavior, ranging from making jokes to completely inappropriate episodes of streaking through fields while intoxicated, has become quite the norm and many people have realized that in moderation, tipping a few back, can lead to more comfortable and relaxed social situations, beer drinking has become the most popular way to socialize.

Beer and dating go hand in hand. Most singles patrolling the streets for mates find it easier to meet other singles in locations where there is a large pool of other singles and that is almost always at bars and dance clubs. Not only are most people there to meet other people, but almost everyone has loosened up a bit with a beer or a few and is more apt to approach another single, whereas, without the kick of alcohol, one may not do so.

The entire recreational realm of society would be altered if there were no beer. People would be gathering in parking lots to fly kites and singles would be standing around movie theatres eating popcorn and timidly approaching other singles or just standing there eating popcorn. No more stories of the time Johnny peed his pants at the local bar or Kimmie traded her skirt for Joey’s pants in the middle of the party would be told. What other beverage can generate so many hysterical stories, such as camping in someones backyard, or sleeping on a beach or in the woods with a group of friends, so no one has to drive home. Not only does the beer loosen us up a bit and seize the moment uninhibited, it gives us a chance to make memories out of moments.

As an end note…I do not condone excessive drinking, drinking and driving, or underage drinking, but with the over 21 crowd and a designated driver or secure location, I have no objections to a few rowdy games of flip cups, streaking through the backyard, or shotgunning a few beers 🙂