Remedy for Strep Throat

Strep Throat infection can be extremely painful and are caused by bacteria.  It generally takes a week or so to cure completely and during this period, some tips as remedies for strep throat would be very helpful in tiding over the infection.

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Slippery Elm is one form of remedy for strep throats.  It comes either as a capsule or as herbal teas and is produced using the bark of the slippery elm trees of North America.  Another is Licorice root which is well known for its anti-inflammatory, ulcer and allergy healing properties.  A gargle of this root can help in reducing sore throat.  Also can be consumed as herbal teas like Throat Coat, but a large consumption of this licorice root should be avoided as it can increase blood pressure, lead to water retention, can affect the cortisol hormone levels.  Pregnant ladies and people who have had a heart attack are advised against the use of licorice root.

Remedy for strep throat can also come in the form of Marshmallow Root herbal teas which can soothe sore throat.  A suggested dosage is 3 cups a day and for diabetics, it is better to consult a doctor before opting for this remedy for strep throat and the same goes for pregnant women and women who breastfeed their child.  Honeysuckle Flower, a Chinese Natural Medicine can be used as a strep throat remedies, although its availability is limited to Chinese Herbal Store.  The generally prescribed dosage is 4 cups a day.  Teas made of apple cider, lemon, cayenne, honey can also be useful in easing a sore throat.  Honey can additionally help in reducing coughs and generally, lemon and honey are synonymous with sore throat remedies all over the world.

The general rule is gargle with warm water and salt as frequently as you can, use lozenges , drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy food as also increase intake of vitamin C, rest at regular intervals and by and large, the strep throat symptoms can be reduced to a great extent.  In Indian natural medicine, turmeric plays a very important role in healing colds and a glass of warm milk mixed with a teaspoonful of turmeric in the night can help in reducing throat congestion.  Garlic is another very important home remedy for strep throats and colds and a soup made of garlic can help in relieving throat irritations.

Children are more prone to strep throat infections and increasing their general immune systems can greatly help in reducing this risk.  Eating raw carrots is one natural remedy for strep throat as it improves the immune system as also lot of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, which are a rich source of vitamin C so essential to immunity development.  Teaching children the proper oral hygiene can help in reducing the risk of getting affected by this infection.  Elders too should follow the same principle by using tissues while sneezing or coughing, closing the mouth while doing so, washing hands with disinfectants, keeping in quarantine the person affected by this bacterium and last but not the least, following the guidelines prescribed by the doctor as to the dosage of the medicine correctly for a speedy recovery.