Our marriage

slim o is here with me. he realizes how vitally important his medications are for the rest of his life. he won’t ever stop them again, and we will always have the life we were meant to have. g-d has richly blest us with an incredible love. slim is in my arms and we have such an extraordinarily happy marriage. he talks to me easily and shares all of his thoughts.

Supporting Actions:

I give him space when he needs space. i support him in all he does.
Background Information:

we are both people who are committed to our faith and our g-d. we both are very spiritual. we found one another late in life after it was nearly too late for either of us, and g-d has been so good to both of us to send the other.

True love

True love is yours to have. For the heart always puts you on the right path. Feel the love you have for Slim within your heart. Expand this love throughout your being and radiate it for the world. Feel this love for yourself and for your fellow spirits who dwell here with you.

For when one of us loves, we all love.

Open heart

Your relationship sounds wonderful! You both have open hearts for each other and respect the needs of the other. You are both committed to your faith and have been blessed to find each other!
I see you both enjoying the love and support that you so freely give. You are truly blessed.