I create my own joy and happiness!

I create my own joy & happiness. No one can take away my joy- I will not let negative thoughts and actions of others effect my life & my spirit.

I am full of joy, curious, learning & free spirited! My life is rich with friends and family & each day is a gift.

My soul is warm & content :0)

Joy is yours to experience in each moment

You radiate joy in each moment. The moment an undesired situation appears you intuitively move into a space of immense happiness giving thanks for this reminder. Joy is your rightful way of life and I give thanks that you are choosing to live in this wonderful feeling.

For the highest good of all concerned. And so it is!

Creation and Joy

Creating is joy and happiness – and it is all up to you. Everyone has this power – it is a blessing.

I know you will keep these thoughts at the forefront, living in the present – in the now, and allowing the joy and happiness.