How To Train Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Fast Twitching muscles are in the second type of muscle fiber group. They normally work for you if you are fond of lifting weights that require bursts of power. Long-term training usually doesn’t work for them, though. However, they can be very useful in short, high intensity training programs like power lifting or body building. This is usually one way of starting how to train fast twitch muscle fibers.

If your body is used to training that is using low or high rep schemes, you might find yourself disregarding some muscle fibers in your body. Usually, in body building, you would like to avoid having higher rep schemes through exercising with machines since they would be ignoring your fast twitch muscles that of course is something that is very important to body building.

There are some techniques that help you how to train fast twitch muscle fibers since this is the muscle group that they target. Following a set of guidelines will present you with the proper stimulus to improve your vertical jumps.

If you are starting to lift weights, lift in excess of 60% of your 1RM. It is advisable to lift something greater than the average to fulfill the needs of your fast twitch muscles. An exception is if you are performing ballistic weighted exercises like barbell jump squats. Also do bursts of high intensity work during lifting, skipping, bounding, or throwing. This will cause your muscles to adapt after a while of doing it.

Make sure you emphasize the type of work when you lower a weight or descend a jump. This is what is deemed as eccentric training. You can make use of bands in order to accelerate gravity or you can do reactive squats for drop and catch motions. The emphasis here is placed on the movements like in the different jumps and landings.

The best thing to prepare for on how to train fast twitch muscles is mental training. There is what we call a psyche up. You have to go into a frame of mind that somehow commands your body to make those fast twitch fibers work it out. It goes the same with jumping and training. Spend a good time before each attempt to jump to mentally work yourself up and you will be guaranteed to jump higher. The mind is a powerful tool that keeps sending signals to your muscles to be ready because they are about to let loose and perform extra hard work.