Guide to Beer Glasses

The majority of beer drinkers do not consider the fact that the glass they are drinking out of could be the wrong glass. In fact, most beer experts consider the most commonly used glass to, actually, be the worst. In this article I will review some of the more popular beer glasses and, hopefully, provide you with a better idea on which one to drink your favorite beer out of.

You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the term “beer head.” “Beer head” is the foam that sits on top of the beer. Foam plays an important role in the taste of your beer. It releases aroma and aroma is key for a better and longer-lasting taste. Much of the quality that comes in a good beer glass is in its ability to retain the “head.”

Without further ado, here is the list of beer glasses:

Pint Glass

The pint glass is your typical bar glass. It’s a thick, slightly tapered, wide-mouthed glass that holds 16 or 20 oz. of liquid. In the U.S., we are accustomed to the shaker glass. This glass was originally intended to be used when shaking a mixed drink. (Hence it’s name.) This glass is easy to drink out of and is best used for lagers and amber ales. However, it is considered the worst beer glass due to it’s inability to hold aroma through head retention.

Pilsner Glass

The pilsner is a tall, slender and tapered 12 oz. glass. The pilsner glass is great for head retention and is good for showcasing a beers color. This glass is considered a very efficient way to drink your beer. It is best used for pilsners and lagers.

Wheat Beer Glass

Well, we know what kind of beer to put in this one. This glass is shaped similar to an hour glass. The shape accommodates for a large beer head. Use this glass when drinking wheat ales.

Beer Mugs

Every man should have a beer mug to drink out of. A mug is heavy, sturdy and can hold a large amount of beer. It’s handled, so you have no excuse when you drop it. Mugs are best used for ales and stouts.

When serving your beer there are some other important factors. For instance, it is widely popular to chill beer glasses. However, most beer experts look down on this practice. Why? Well, a chilled or frosted glass causes condensation, which dilutes your beer. A chilled glass also affects the temperature of your beer and kills the aroma.

Additionally, when washing beer glasses it is important that you hand-wash them. Putting them in a dishwasher could result in the buildup of soapy residue. This will alter the taste drastically. Also, always air-dry your glasses. Using a towel could leave dust on the glass and affect its ability to retain the head. These are the basics when selecting a beer glass for your beer. Keep these principles in mind and you will improve your beer drinking experience.