How to Play Beer Pong

Beer pong, also known as “Beirut” is a drinking game of hand-eye coordination that usually requires at least four people to play. Before getting into the explanation, some clarification is needed on which version of beer pong to play.  One style involves using ping pong paddles and playing an actual game of table tennis with […]

How to Find the right Beer Glass

In an environment where beer drinkers are more astute in their choice of presentation and expectation, a beer glass is no longer just a beer glass.  To the extent that many bars in Europe will stock unique glassware for every brand of beer they serve. Before looking at a guide of the options available, and […]

Beer Tasting

Drinking beer can be quite a unique experience if done properly. Many people like to down their icy cold beer as quickly as possible and move on to the next. That is completely fine. However, there are those who want to enjoy the quality that is put into a good beer. For those people, some […]

A Beginners Guide to Cooking with Beer

The first thing you should know about cooking with beer is that it is in a whole different area than cooking with wines or spirits. Most modern beers, particularly lager beers, do not have a particularly strong or characteristic flavour. Add to this that the alcohol content of most beers is considerably lower than most […]

A Guide to Beer Glasses

Beer drinkers are an extraordinary group of people who love beer. They are as knowledgeable about the styles of beer like wine drinkers are about different types of wine. There is a form of tasting beer and a glass for every style of beer. The following list of glassware is a quick guide for the novice who is just learning the […]

Getting Started with Homebrewing

If you go out to your local liquor store, chances are you’ll see six packs of your favorite beverage for sale for $6.00 or $7.00, but what if you could get a six pack of decent beer for under $3.00? The trick is that you have to make it your self, but hey, it’s pretty […]

The Importance of Beer in British Society Ale Culture

The forces of British culture and society can be seen to revolve around two main events, the pub and football. To understand these events it is necessary to look at what influence beer plays in these activities. It was said that many years ago to drink beer or ale was safer than drinking water. However […]

Beer Tasting Tips

Beer tasting is an art. Most people recognize “wine” connoisseurs and wine tasting parties. A lot of people who do not know or understand beer, think beer comes from a cold bottle; you swig it; gulp it down, and say, “Ahhh, that’s a good beer. Grab me another one.” Tips for becoming a beer connoisseur. The […]

Brewing Beer in Pre and Mid Medieval Europe

“Brewing Beer in Pre-and-Mid-Medieval Europe” – Man and Beer Progress – As the Roman Empire sought to invade and conquer western Europe, the east to west migrations of the Persians, Parthians and Greeks into Eastern Europe continued to develop over time. As a natural result of the convergence, or collision, of differing cultures, wars broke […]

Sustainable Beers from Eco Friendly us Breweries

Many microbreweries are jumping on the eco-friendly beer brewing bandwagon. There are a few who have not only embraced environmentally sustainable methods but make a commitment to reduce their carbon footprints. The following are not only microbreweries that are eco-friendly, but also make a mighty good brew! 1. WIDMER BREWERY 929 N. Russell St., Portland, OR. 97227 […]

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