Best Websites for Inexpensive Meal Ideas and Recipes

The Internet is an awesome source for inexpensive meal ideas and recipes. Some of the best websites offer coupons and giveaways. There are so many resources available. The three best websites to find cheap meal ideas and a variety of recipes are, and is a great site for finding recipes by ingredient. […]

What you should know about Ipa India Pale Ale Beers

IPA or India Pale Ale is a type of beer from the ale family, that is a beer made with top fermenting yeast. It is a paler beer and has a strong hoppy taste. It is traditionally a higher percentage alcohol by volume, although this is not always the case nowadays. It is in appearance […]

Why some People Prefer Instant rather than Filtered Coffee

For coffee drinkers all over the world, there has been a debate “brewing” for years: which is better tasting, instant or filtered coffee? Some people cannot stand the thought of drinking a cup of instant coffee. There are some folks, however, who actually prefer instant over regular filtered brews for these reasons: *Convenience. A good […]

Why so many People Prefer to Buy Fast Food rather than Cook their own Meals

Let’s forget about fast food’s health or lack therof for a moment. The fact of the matter is that we live in a fast-paced society. We are in a perpetual hurry to get to work, to make that appointment, or to meet that deadline. Thus, we have essentially become accustomed to literally eating on the […]

The Origin of Mead

The Greek poet Ovid wrote that Bacchus invented mead, and both the Greeks and Romans identified it with ambrosia, the food of the gods. The ancient geographer Strabo wrote about Arabian cave dwellers who brewed mead for their tribal leaders. But mead was invented long before the Greeks and Romans wrote glowing stories about it. […]

Do you Prefer Fast Food or Home Cooking

The question of whether one prefers fast food or home cooking is akin to asking whether an unhealthy, disease ridden, wobbling with ripples of fat body or a slender, agile, lithe and fit model is preferred! Of course the latter is the wisest choice to make and yet many people don’t make it, even though […]

Why American Beer Tastes like Water

Before I get to the heart of this matter, let’s start with correcting two inaccurate points deeply rooted in this argument which stem, almost entirely, from European arrogance and ignorance. First, the founders of Anshueser-Busch, the producers of Budweiser, were German immigrants. Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch were both born in Germany. Anheuser was born […]

Favorite Quotations about Beer

It isn’t really surprising to discover that my top ten favourite quotations are about beer. The main reason for this is that I collect beer trivia, Breweriana and basically all things to do with beer. This has been my hobby for a long time – these quotations come from a variety of sources (I work […]

The Basics of Home Brewing

To home brew your own beer there are first a few things you need.  First and foremost, you need to love beer.   With this love, you must have the drive and will power to take drinking and experiencing beer to the next step.  Home brewing allows you to brew it at home with the ultimate […]

Guide to Beer Glasses

The majority of beer drinkers do not consider the fact that the glass they are drinking out of could be the wrong glass. In fact, most beer experts consider the most commonly used glass to, actually, be the worst. In this article I will review some of the more popular beer glasses and, hopefully, provide […]

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