Vitamin D & Vitiligo

Vitamin D is known as a steroid vitamin, which is a group of fat soluble prohormones that encourages the absorption or metabolism of two nutritional factors calcium and phosphorous. Research has indicated that there is a strong linkage between a vitiligo and the nutritional factor, vitamin D importance in a body. Deficiency of vitamin D can be […]

5 questions we need your opinion on

Our users are the heartbeat of Shine. And, as you may have noticed, we’ve recently added polls to our site so we can (go with me on this metaphor, friends) check the pulse on topics we are sure you will want to talk about. The best part of these polls is that they can be […]

The Rise of Divorce Parties: You Should Celebrate Your Split

Last week, The New York Times discussed the idea of the “divorce party” — Divorce, in Style by Geraldine Fabrikant. The couple in question, Charles and Bonnie Bronfman, have decided to divorce amicably after a three-year marriage. They decided to frame the divorce not as an ending, but as a beginning of a new phase […]

How To Train Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Fast Twitching muscles are in the second type of muscle fiber group. They normally work for you if you are fond of lifting weights that require bursts of power. Long-term training usually doesn’t work for them, though. However, they can be very useful in short, high intensity training programs like power lifting or body building. […]

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