Are you a Shredhead? Or do you want to be one?

I adore blogger Kristen Chase of Motherhood Uncensored. I don’t know her know her, but I’ve met her a few times, seen her speak on many panels, and read a lot of her posts. I know whatever snarky, clever, insightful stuff she chooses to share about raising her children, boobs, in-laws, and minivan hatred. And now I know more intimate stuff.

Like what she looks like in yoga pants and a jog bra. And how her body’s changed now that she’s wrapping up a month-long journey through Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred program. (Mmm….remember our ginormous girl crush on Jillian Michaels? I mean, how could you forget?)

She looks fabulous, but the program itself is not always pretty. Kristen’s (courageously, in my book) posted pictures that clearly show how her body’s transforming through all the exercise (and some dietary modifications and breastfeeding). She’s also not holding back her complaints about the program, aches and pains and sacrifices, real talk about real weight, or questions she and her “Sisters in Shreddery” have about what’s next and how they can possibly do the same workout over and over and over. Plus, there are great gear recommendations labeled “Weapons of Fat Destruction.”

I love it that these women, led by the Motherhood Uncensored charge, are doing this together, are being honest about how tough it is and how crabby it can make you, and are still empowering and encouraging each other. It’s real. It’s working. And I like that.

Over here at Shine, we’re cheering the Shredheads on. And who knows? I may even work up the nerve to strip down to my yoga pants and jog bra and follow next month’s rally to get sore, sweaty, and fit.

Want to join the Shredheads? There are requirements, my friends, so prepare yourself.