5 questions we need your opinion on

Our users are the heartbeat of Shine. And, as you may have noticed, we’ve recently added polls to our site so we can (go with me on this metaphor, friends) check the pulse on topics we are sure you will want to talk about.

The best part of these polls is that they can be newsy and they can also resurface issues (just like you rehash conversations with your girlfriends), they can be very serious and they can be reserved just for fun.

For those of us focused on health living, our opinion will be an important part of the mix in these great polls up right now all around Shine.

Kids’ health:
Do you believe autism and vaccines are linked? This controversial topic continues to unfold with news that 1 in 4 parents believe vaccines can cause autism to develop in healthy children.

Sexual health:
How active is your sex drive? A new report says 25% of Americans are too tired for sex. Liz Brody explores some of the reasons women’s libido is so low.

Healthy eats and drinks:
What do you think of Starbucks’ new “trenta” super-size? We all know by now that designer coffees are more of a treat than a beverage, and that the caffeine, sugar, and fat in them can wreak all kinds of havoc in the body. But that didn’t stop Starbucks from bringing out the big guns in the form of a 31-ounce cup size.

Health care reform:
Do you want to see Congress vote on health care reform this month? The president’s approval rating is holding steady, but there is a lot of back and forth between members of Congress and the Senate and Democrats and Republicans. What’s your vote on the vote?

Mental health (?):
Would a miniature goat make a good pet? OK, so the connection to mental well-being may be a stretch. But this is about teeny tiny goats, people! You must have an opinion about teeny tiny goats!

Last but not least: What health (or mini-goat-related) questions would you like me to pose in a poll?

Some Comments Here:

Vaccines vs Autism: Until I see REAL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that vaccines cause Autism, I refuse to believe it. I prefer kids be vaccinated against life-threatening illnesses rather than risking another epidemic.

Sexual Health: I could always use some improvement there! I’m married, 12 years, been together for 20. Sex tend to get a little stale after that long!

Healthy food and drink: I don’t care what Starbucks serves. I always make my own coffee and save my money for necessities and occasional splurges elsewhere.

Health Care Reform: I don’t think we need it, nor the expense right now. There are more pressing issues (the war in Iraq; the unemployment rate; forclosures) which deserve top priorty now.

Mental Health: While a tiny goat sounds interesting, I don’t think it falls into the category of mental well-being. How about a tiny Dr. Phil instead? Just kidding!

Kids Health: I don’t know. I’m not a scientist and don’t know anyone with autism.

Sexual Health: I’m not sexually active.

Healthy Eats and Drinks: I would not ever get a trenta, but I suppose if you really need that much caffeine, go for it!

Health care reform: I’m not really into politics, but I think the whole health care taken over by the government thing sounds a litle ridiculous, so I guess I’m against it.

Mental Health: Yes! I want a little tiny goat! That sounds super cute <3. But I already know I’m a bit mentally unbalanced. Nevertheless, if I was offered a teeny tiny goat, I would totally take it.