A Guide to Quick and Easy French Meals

Since I spent three years living in France and eating their food, I can say that the easiest guide to creating any meal in the French manner is to use a cream-based sauce with mushrooms and wine, not “cooking wine” that grocery stores sell but a good bordeaux for red meat and sherry for poultry. […]

How to Make Pickled Lemons Morroccan

Pickled Lemons are a fabulous and exotic ingredient, they are most commonly used in Moroccan and middle eastern cuisine, for example in Tagine or couscous, but will impart an intense tangy lemony flavour to any savoury dish. In terms of both time and money they are a great value item to make, as they are quick to […]

Why You Might Need to Make Yourself Throw Up

No one likes to vomit. However, there are some situations when a person has to vomit to purge their system. Doing so can save your life, so it is important to know how to make yourself throw up, should the situation arise. Before you force your self to purge, make sure you understand the health […]

Xanax GG249 Pill Should Not Be Stopped Suddenly

Xanax 2mg also seen as GG249 on it has the ability to cause dependence of both the physical and psychological nature therefore if you stop taking this medication too quickly it may cause you to experience symptoms of withdrawal. Some possible symptoms indicating this may include the following: Memory loss Depression Seizures Heart palpitations Nausea […]

Remedy for Strep Throat

Strep Throat infection can be extremely painful and are caused by bacteria.  It generally takes a week or so to cure completely and during this period, some tips as remedies for strep throat would be very helpful in tiding over the infection. Pictures and Images: (via What does strep throat look like) (via strep throat […]

A Beginners Guide to Beer Serving Etiquette

When it comes to serving beer, you have to think about your audience: the drinker. He is coming to a party, bar or restaurant and is intent on drinking a beer. He might be stressed out, celebrating or partaking in his nightly ritual, but he wants his beer and he deserves it with great service. […]

The Importance of Beer in American Society

At first thought, one would say that beer is just an alcoholic beverage. Beer is much more than just a beverage, it is an open doorway to endless societal avenues. It’s hard to imagine hearing two co-workers discuss going out after work for ice cream, because an after work beer has become the norm. Beer […]

Wine Refrigeration Guide

Wine refrigerators come in many different shapes and sizes. It would be good to know which sizes would fit the collector’s needs. It really depends on the wine collector and if they are serious hobbyists or just social connoisseurs wanting to have a few bottles kept in the home for family gatherings.  Even as the […]

A Beginners Guide to Beers Alcoholic Strength

The alcoholic strength of beers can vary greatly according to both the type of beer and the manufacturer. Well-known domestically brewed lager beers in the United States, from brewers such as Budweiser and Coors, tend to be in the ABV (alcohol by volume) range of 4.1 to 6.0 percent, though the UK imported Coors Breaker […]

Wine Smell how Wine should Smell

Each grape varietal will carry distinct aromatic markers which enables the wine connoisseur to identify the grape varietal in the glass.  This is also true of wine produced from the same grape varietal across wine growing regions.  The aroma, or bouquet of wine is one of the most delightful aspects of wine appreciation and contributes […]

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